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Ohaus Semi-Micro Balances

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Ohaus Semi-Micro Balances are precision instruments crafted for laboratories that require exceptionally fine measurements, such as pharmaceutical research, chemical analysis, and quality control settings. These balances provide ultra-precise readings down to 0.01 milligrams, making them ideal for small sample sizes where high accuracy is crucial.

The design of Ohaus Semi-Micro Balances combines advanced weighing technology with user-friendly features to enhance the accuracy and repeatability of measurements. Equipped with a draft shield to prevent air currents from affecting results, and an internal calibration system to ensure stability, these balances deliver reliable performance under various conditions.

Additional features such as touchscreen interfaces, connectivity options for data logging, and customizable settings cater to the specific needs of sophisticated lab environments. Ohaus Semi-Micro Balances are essential for any application where minute substance quantification is necessary, providing scientists and researchers with confidence in their precision measurements.

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