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Pipettes and Pipette Controllers

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Pipettes and pipette controllers are fundamental tools in laboratories, essential for the precise and accurate measurement and transfer of liquids in research, clinical, and industrial settings. Pipettes come in various types, including manual and electronic, and range from simple fixed-volume pipettes to sophisticated adjustable-volume models that can dispense specific quantities of liquids with high precision.

Pipette controllers are devices designed to enhance the functionality of manual pipettes. They attach to the pipette and provide an ergonomic interface that reduces hand strain and improves control during liquid handling. These controllers often feature adjustable speed settings and are compatible with a wide range of pipette sizes, further increasing their versatility and efficiency.

Together, pipettes and pipette controllers are critical for tasks requiring meticulous volume control, such as chemical titrations, biological sample preparations, and the handling of hazardous or precious fluids. Their accuracy, reliability, and ease of use make them indispensable in the pursuit of scientific accuracy and reproducibility.

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