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Rotators / Rockers and Incubators Accessories

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Accessories for rotators, rockers, and incubators significantly expand the versatility and functionality of these essential laboratory devices, which are used for gentle yet effective mixing and incubation of samples. These accessories include a range of attachments and supports such as adjustable platforms, tube holders, and flask clamps, designed to secure various container types during operation. This adaptability ensures efficient mixing or rocking of samples, which is critical for procedures like hybridization, gel staining, and cell culture.

Additionally, for temperature-sensitive processes, accessories like thermal covers or insulated enclosures can be used with incubators to maintain precise environmental conditions. Stackable frames and extension kits are also available, allowing for increased capacity without the need for additional bench space.

These accessories are crucial for tailoring equipment to specific research requirements, enhancing the capabilities of rotators, rockers, and incubators in performing a wide range of biological assays and chemical processes effectively.

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