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Centrifuges Accessories

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Centrifuge accessories are critical components that enhance the functionality and adaptability of centrifuges, essential tools in laboratories for separating substances based on density through high-speed rotation. These accessories include a variety of rotors, buckets, and adapters designed to accommodate different types and sizes of tubes, bottles, or plates. This versatility allows for a wide range of applications, from clinical blood tests to complex biochemical analyses.

Rotor options vary from fixed-angle rotors, ideal for pelleting particles at the bottom of the tube, to swing-out rotors that provide a more gentle separation for delicate samples. Additionally, specific inserts and cushions are available to secure various sample containers, ensuring stability and efficiency during operation.

Other essential accessories like temperature control units, safety lids, and bio-containment systems enhance the centrifuge's capability to handle hazardous or sensitive materials safely and effectively. These accessories are vital for customizing centrifuges to meet specific laboratory needs, thereby maximizing productivity and ensuring accurate results.

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