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Pipette Tips

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Pipette tips are essential accessories for pipettes, used widely in laboratories to handle liquids with precision across a multitude of scientific applications. These disposable tips attach to the end of pipettes and are critical for preventing cross-contamination between samples, ensuring accuracy and reliability in experiments. Pipette tips come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different types of liquids and volumes, ranging from a few microliters to several milliliters.

Manufacturers design these tips to fit securely on the pipette, providing a tight seal that ensures accurate volume dispensing without leaks. Specialized tips are also available, including filter tips that prevent aerosol contamination, low-retention tips designed to reduce sample loss and ensure complete liquid expulsion, and sterile tips for use in microbiological or medical applications. The extensive selection and specialized designs of pipette tips enhance the functionality and versatility of pipettes in laboratory settings, supporting a broad range of scientific research tasks.

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