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Ohaus Analytical Balances

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Ohaus Analytical Balances are designed to deliver high precision and advanced functionality for scientific, research, and pharmaceutical applications. These balances provide exact measurements critical for quantitative analysis, making them essential in laboratories where accuracy is paramount.

These balances feature a fine readability down to 0.1 mg, enabling precise determinations of mass for small samples. Ohaus has integrated modern technology such as automatic internal calibration to maintain accuracy over time and under varying environmental conditions. The balances are also equipped with anti-vibration components and a draft shield to minimize errors caused by air currents and external disturbances.

Ohaus Analytical Balances boast intuitive interfaces with touchscreen controls, facilitating easy navigation and operation. Data connectivity options, including USB and Ethernet, allow seamless integration with laboratory information systems for efficient data management. With their robust construction and innovative features, Ohaus Analytical Balances are indispensable for professionals requiring precise analytical measurements.

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