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Ohaus Jewelry Scales

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Ohaus Jewelry Scales are precision instruments tailored specifically for the unique needs of the jewelry industry, providing meticulous accuracy essential for appraising and crafting fine jewelry. These scales are perfect for weighing small, valuable items such as gemstones, metals, and intricate pieces of jewelry, ensuring precise measurements for both buying and selling.

Featuring a compact design, Ohaus Jewelry Scales are both portable and easy to store, making them an ideal choice for settings from retail environments to small workshops. They are equipped with high-sensitivity sensors that deliver precise readouts, crucial for determining the exact value of precious materials.

Each scale includes features such as auto-calibration, tare function, and multiple measurement units (grams, carats, ounces, etc.), enhancing versatility and accuracy. The intuitive digital interface ensures ease of use, and robust construction guarantees long-term reliability. Ohaus Jewelry Scales combine aesthetic design with functional excellence, making them a staple in any jewelry professional’s toolkit.

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