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Ohaus Compact/Portable Balances

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Ohaus Compact/Portable Balances are engineered to offer the utmost in flexibility and performance, making them ideal for laboratory, educational, and field applications. These balances combine portability with exceptional accuracy, providing reliable weighing solutions in a variety of environments, from classrooms to outdoor research sites.

Designed with practicality in mind, Ohaus portable balances are lightweight and compact, featuring a durable housing that withstands demanding use. Their intuitive interfaces ensure ease of use for all levels of operators, and the balances typically run on both AC power and batteries, enhancing mobility and versatility.

Key features include a clear, backlit LCD display that makes readings easy to view under any lighting conditions, and multiple weighing units for diverse application needs. Ohaus also incorporates advanced security measures such as auto shut-off and overload protection, ensuring long-term reliability and performance. These compact balances are the perfect choice for professionals and educators needing precision on the go.

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