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Ohaus DefenderВ® 7000 Low Profile Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger 80500525

by Ohaus
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The Ohaus Cable RS232 IBM 9P Male-toFemale is a popular and high quality communication cable designed for use with computers. The male connector has an ID number that starts at "1" while the female side ranges in value from 10 up to 14 inclusive, meaning it can carry signals between these numbers without errors due its blocking Convention mode transmission scheme when communicating across any distance greater than 2 meters (6'. 6")
The product's nominal voltage rating hovers around +5 volts DC but please note there will exist some tolerance levels according t odommodity requirements so check absolutely everything before using this.

brand Ohaus
list-price 248.00
manufacturer-part-number 80500525
model 80500525