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TREE Vet Scales

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TREE Vet Scales are specially designed to meet the unique needs of veterinary professionals, providing accurate and reliable weight measurements essential for the proper care and management of animals. These scales are ideal for use in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and zoological parks, where precise weight data can significantly influence the health and treatment plans for various animal species.

Constructed with robust materials, TREE Vet Scales are built to withstand the demands of a veterinary environment, including resistance to moisture and easy cleaning to maintain hygiene. The scales feature a low-profile platform, making it easier for animals to step on and off without stress or discomfort. This design consideration ensures the safety and ease of handling animals during weigh-ins.

Equipped with large, clear displays and simple controls, TREE Vet Scales allow for quick, straightforward operation. Additional features such as hold functions capture and retain weight readings even with moving animals, ensuring accuracy. These scales are indispensable tools for veterinary professionals committed to providing the best care through precise health monitoring.

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