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Sartorius Semi-Micro Balances

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Sartorius Semi-Micro Balances are designed to deliver exceptional precision in laboratories requiring highly accurate measurements of small sample sizes. These balances are particularly valuable in fields such as analytical chemistry, material science, and pharmaceutical research, where precise measurement down to 0.01 milligrams is crucial for accurate formulations and quality control.

These semi-micro balances incorporate advanced weighing technology and stabilization systems to ensure reliable and consistent results. The sensitive measuring cells provide rapid response times, which are essential for efficient laboratory workflows. Each model features a draft shield that prevents disturbances caused by air currents, enhancing the accuracy of delicate measurements.

Sartorius Semi-Micro Balances also boast an intuitive user interface with a touchscreen display that simplifies navigation and data entry. With connectivity options like USB and Ethernet, these balances can easily integrate into existing laboratory information systems. Robust in design and offering a range of application-specific features, Sartorius Semi-Micro Balances are indispensable for any research or quality assurance environment demanding high precision and repeatability.

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