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Welcome to DISCOUNTscales.COM! We're a real, "brick 'n mortar" business & an authorized dealer for dozens of manufacturers; serving our valued customers since 1929 - selling precision weighing instruments at wholesale prices to the general public while providing exemplary service & technical support.

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About DISCOUNTscales.COM

We are a leading source of premium quality laboratory & industrial scales of all types, & are a FULL-SERVICE authorized scale dealer - with experts ready to assist you with sales, rentals, & all equipment servicing needs....

AND, we're a REAL COMPANY - with a real Brick-'n-Mortar address with storefront, service fleet, & product warehouse. With over 200-years combined experience, we are a genuinely valuable resource for our customers. Since 1929, we continue to excel; serving myriad private & government businesses - large & small - nationally & internationally, with their precision weighing needs.


Despite our direct-to-consumer wholesale pricing, we recognize your business is of vital importance to us. Consequently, we treat you with utmost respect. Our livelihood depends on YOU! And we never forget that fact. We will promptly address your needs via telephone, E-Mail, FAX, LiveChat, or conventional mail.

We have INVENTORY SOURCES IN 5-STATES.... including; California, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Georgia, & Colorado. We have the product you require, respond promptly to your queries, and can usually ship anywhere in the world SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY.

Visit Our Physical Office Location!

We are a real, brick 'n mortar business! We welcome your visit at the address & business hours below:

Office & Showroom Address:

4510 Federal Blvd. San Diego, CA 92102

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday:

7:30 AM - 5:00 PM PST

Saturday & Sunday:


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